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Carbon Steel

Tried and true simple High carbon Steels. 

8670, O1 tool steel, W2, D2, 52100. and others. 

Particle Steels

Using the latest Ultra clean Particle steels we can push the limits. Enhanced edge holding, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Tske your knife to the next level.

CPM Cru-Wear, S60V, S90V, S110V, 3V, 4V, 10V, Z-Wear, Z-Tuff, ELMAX, 20CV, M390, CPM 154

Stainless Steels

Great if you are concerned with rust and corrosion resistance. Excellent for kitchen knives, hunting knives, and every day carry.

AEBL, NITRO-V, 14C28N, 154CM, 440C

San Mai and Damascus steels

WE also offer SanMai and Damascus steels from the best in the industry. Vegas Forge, NJSB, Devin Thomas.

Make a statement with these stunning materials.


All knives are covered by this statement.

If for any reason you have an issue I will make it right. Repairs are no charge unless extensive regrinding is required. Repair or modifications are included. If for any reason I cannot repair your knife, or you are not happy with it, I will request you ship the knife back for a full refund

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